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Zandolie, Jungle Runner, Giant Ameiva, Ameiva atrigularis (Family Teiidae)

Ameiva surinamensis var. atrigularis Garman 1887.
Ameiva ameiva ameiva — Marcuzzi 1950: 101 (part.)
Ameiva ameiva tobagana — Peters & Donoso-Barros 1970: 20.
Ameiva ameiva atrigularis — Tuck & Hardy 1973: 241
Ameiva ameiva — Murphy 1997: 152
Ameiva atrigularis — Ugueto & Harvey 2011

Taxonomy & Systematics. This account follows
 Ugueto and Harvey (2011).

Distribution. Northern Venezuela including the Distrito Capital, Vargas, Miranda, Sucre, Peninsula de Paria, Isla de Margarita), Trinidad, Tobago, Little Tobago and satellites.

Natural History. This is a giant species of Ameiva, with adults reaching a body size that may exceed 0.5 m. The Zandolie is omnivorous, feeding on insects, small vertebrates, and fruits. It is visible on bright sunny days when it is
searching for food and mates, at other times they
concealed in burrows. Females are oviparous and probably lay several clutches of eggs annually. Habitats used are deciduous tropical and premontane humid forest, forest-edge, as well as areas of forest with open undergrowth where patches of light reach the forest floor, scrub lands, secondary growth, suburban yards and gardens, roadsides, and beaches.

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