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Trinidad Anole, Anolis trinitatis (Family Dactyloidae)

Anolis trinitatis Reinhardt & Lütken 1862: 269.
Anolis vincenti Garman 1887: 46.
Anolis trinitatis trinitatis — Underwood In Williams et al. 1959: 212.
Anolis trinitatis vincentii — Underwood In Williams et al. 1959: 213.
Anolis trinitatis — Schwartz & Henderson 1991: 349.

Holotype: ZMUC (UZM) R.37145. Type locality: “Trinidad”. Revised to “Kingstown, St. Vincent” by Lazell 1972.

Distribution: Anolis trinitatis inhabits the Lesser Antilles (St. Vincent, St. Lucia, Chateaubelair Island) and it has been introduced to Trinidad (Lazell 1972). May be present in Venezuela’s Peninsula de Paria (Donoso-Barros 1968).

Anolis trinitatis hybridizes with Anolis aeneus on Trinidad (Lazell 1972). However, hybrids show greatly reduced reproductive fitness (Gorman et al. 1971). Males, which reach 74 mm snout-to-vent, are green to green-blue, with blue stippling on the head and anterior trunk. They have yellow coloring on the throat and ventral surface, and the area around the eye is dark. Males have a large dewlap that extends into the abdominal region. Females are duller and have a smaller dewlap.

Synonymy: Boulenger (1885) listed Anolis trinitatis (and Anolis aeneus) as synonyms of Anolis alligator, which is now A. roquet.

Karyotype: Gorman et al. (1968) reported Anolis trinitatis and Anolis aeneus have 36 and 34 chromosomes, respectively. Hybrids have 35 chromosomes.

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