Thursday, March 31, 2016

Urich's Litter Frog, Pristimantis urichi (Family Craugastoridae)

This species is known only from Trinidad and Tobago, where it is widespread in forested areas, occurring from near sea level to more than 900 m asl. Pristimantis urichi is a small, 21-24 mm, frog that is highly polymorphic in coloration and pattern. Individuals may be uniform in color or have a relatively complex pattern of blotches. It is a forest dweller and males call from leaves off the ground, often the leaves they call from are covered by other leaves, making them difficult to locate. The upper edge of the iris is a turquois blue, a characteristic that will distinguish them from other Trinidad and Tobago frogs. Females deposit their eggs in terrestrial nests that may be on the ground or under moss or treebak on the surface of the tree. They may be guarded by the male or left to develop on their own. The eggs undergo direct development and hatch into froglets.

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