Sunday, April 3, 2016

Mole's Day Gecko, Sphaerodactylus molei (Family Spaerodactylidae)

Sphaerodactylus molei Boettger 1894: 80.
Sphaerodactylus buergeri Werner 1900: 264.
Sphaerodactylus venezuelanus Roux 1927: 254.
Sphaerodactylus boettgeri: Donoso-Barros 1968.

Type locality: Caparo, Trinidad. Distribution. Antilles, Guyana, Venezuela, Margarita Island (Venezuela), Trinidad, Tobago.

Adult males and females measure 20-28.0 mm and 20.8-27.7 mm respectively; smallest specimen 16.6 mm. Dorsal body scales strongly keeled, minute, homogeneous, 63-83 from groin-axilla. Ventrals 31-39. Scales around mid-body 65-81. Supra-nasals two; larger anterior ones separated by 1-3 small inter-nasals. Rostral deeply notched behind, filled by 1-3 small scales; median cleft short. Fourth supralabial lies below anterior half of' eye; fourth infralabial below center of eye. Subcaudal scales to three times width of supra-caudals, alternately arranged. Dorsal surfaces light brown with a light dorsolateral stripe, variously faded or accentuated on trunk, but never broken. These are the smallest lizards on Trinidad and Tobago and habitat is difficult to define. They are often in crevices in buildings, but probably also occur under tree bark.


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