Sunday, April 3, 2016

Luminous Lizard, Oreosaurus shrevei (Family Gymnophthalmidae)

Size: 42 mm SVL, but may exceed 50 mm. Tail is 1.7x SVL, hind legs 37–42% of SVL. Oreosaurus shrevei can be distinguished from all other Trinidad and Tobago microteiids by the separation of the nasal scales by the frontoparietal scale and the pattern of two lateral scale rows equaling the width of one dorsal row. Adult males have a single row of lateral ocelli. Fourth finger 9–13 lamellae; fourth toe 15–18 lamellae. Habitat: Lives along streams and is frequently found under rocks within a meter of the stream. Biology: Nocturnal, but may be active during the day; maybe semi-aquatic. Diet: small arthropods. Reproduction: deposits its eggs in arboreal situations. Females may use communal nesting sites. The lateral ocelli of males have been reported to be bioluminescent, but instead reflective. The species seems to be heat sensitive and uses cool microhabitats.

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