Sunday, April 3, 2016

Leaf Anole, Anolis planiceps (Family Dactyloidae)

Anolis planiceps Troschel 1848: 649

Anolis chrysolepis planiceps - Vanzolini & Williams 1970: 85

Anolis nitens nitens - Avila-Pires 1995

Type locality: Caracas, Venezuela. Holotype: ZMB 529.

Distribution. E Venezuela, Guyana, Brazil (Roraima, Amazonas), Trinidad.

The leaf anole, Anolis planiceps, occurs in Venezuela, Guyana, and Trinidad . Trinidad localities include Tucker Valley; Port of Spain, Maracas Valley, Nariva Swamp, Chacachacare and Huevos, Aripo savannas, Arena Forest; southwestern peninsula near Bonasse. St. Augustine; Mt. St. Benedict; La Seita; Toco; Morgua; Guayaguayare; Mayaro; Chacachacare Island; and Huevos Island. This lizard is found on tree trunks, on the ground, and sleeping on leaves at night. It is a forest and forest edge species and
until now the only species of Anolis on Trinidad that is native to the island. All other species have been introduced. However we have recently found Anolis tigrinus on Tobago and seen photographic evidence that it is also present on Trinidad.

Based on specimens labeled Anolis planiceps in Vertnet

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