Monday, January 2, 2017

LimeTreefrog, Sphaenorhynchus lacteus (Family Hylidae)

Lime Treefrog, Sphaenorhynchus lacteus (Family Hylidae)

Snout-vent length 25.5-41.5 mm in males, 38.4-45.7 mm in females. The skin is smooth above, granular on the belly. The snout is pointed viewed from above, and angles sharply back when viewed laterally. The pupil is horizontally elliptical. A thin, dark canthal stripe often present. The tympanum visible and a tarsal fold is present. Fingers are approximately two-thirds webbed, while toes are completely webbed. Nuptial pads present on the thumb. Vocal sac large and medial. A widespread species, known from Trinidad, Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Peru, from sea level to about 300 m. Habitat used include tropical wetlands, flooded savannas and meadows, and pond. Males call from emergent grasses and floating vegetation. Duellman (2005) reported it feeds on ants.

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