Questionable Species

Species of Questionable Occurrence
Leptodactylus knudseni
Based upon a single specimen (MCZ8663) collected in Trinidad in May, 1915. Note that this frog is similar to L. pentadactylus and was originally reported as that species. Sub-fossil remains of a larger frog femur have also been recovered from a cave in Tobago.
Leptodactylus (formerly Lithodytes) lineatus
Its presence on Trinidad is based on a single specimen (MCZ6033) collected by Richard decker about 1919.
Typhlonectes sp.
Its presence on Trinidad is based upon a single specimen “Dresden 639” destroyed during WWII. The specimen was apparently seen by Dunn,(1942), and low number suggests it was collected well before the start of the war.
Claudius angustatus
Wing and Reitz (1982) report this species from an Indian midden at St. John’s on the northeast shore of the southwest peninsula.  It is unclear if this species actually existed on Trinidad or if it was traded from some other Meso-American culture.
Geochelone carbonaria
Its presence in the area is based upon literature references, zoo specimens, and possibly specimens that were introduced.
Podocnemis expansa
This is a species present in the  Orinoco it may occur as a waif on Trinidad (AMNH5290) or brought to the island from Venezuela for food.
Podocnemis unifilis
Kearney (1972) suggested it was present in Nariva Swamp – evidence for this is absent.
Crocodylus acutus& C. intermedius
There is evidence from old newspaper reports and 19th century literature (Woodcock, 1867) that crocodiles were once present. Which species were involved is uncertain since both of these crocs may travel long distances.
Ameiva major
Dumeril and Bibron (1839) reported this species from Trinidad. There is no evidence this species occurs on either island.
Anolis cf. lemurinus
Its presence on Trinidad is based upon a single specimen (BMNH It is unclear if this represents a locality error, or this lizard was actually extant on Trinidad in the mid-19th century.
Cnemidophorus murinus
This is a Curacao & Bonaire endemic and there is no evidence to suggest it is present on T&T
Gonatodes albogularis
The presence of this lizard is possible but unlikely. There was one specimen from Tobago – now lost. And, one specimen from Trinidad – a poorly preserved hatchling that may be a misidentified G. humeralis.
Gymnodactylus geckoides
Taylor presumably collected this lizard in the Arima Valley, there is one specimen, and it may have the wrong locality data.
Kentropyx intermedius
Unknown from Trinidad. Literature reports may be based on K. striata.
Leiocephalus hermineri
A now extinct Martinique endemic. Not present in T&T
Anilius scytale
Boos (2001) reports a specimen in the Virus Lab collection. I visited the collection in 2010 and could not locate it.
Bothrops (Tobago)
There is no evidence that a population of Bothrops is present on Tobago.
Epictia (Leptotyphlops) goudotii
This species or something similar to it is present in T&T. Publication in prep.
Mastigodryas amarali
This snake is not present in T&T.
Oxybelis fulgidus
This species is not present in T&T but it may be present on Patos Island, formerly considered part of T&T.
Pseudoboa coronata
This species does not occur on T&T . Emsley’s (1977) report may be based on a misidentified P. neuweidii.
Typhlophis squamosus
This snake is reported present in Trinidad by Peters & Orejas-Miranda. I can find no evidence  for its presence, nor did Boos (2001)