Friday, June 24, 2016

Long-tailed Machete Savane, Chironius (Macrops) septentrionalis (Family Colubridae)

Chironius multiventris septentrionalis Dixon, Wiest & Cei 1993: 173.
Chironius septentrionalis — Hollis 2006:445.

Size. Males to 1.1 m SVL, total length 1.8 m. Females to 1.2 m SVL, total length of 1.9 m. Diagnosis. This gracile, olive green species is morphologically cryptic with C. carinatus. However, this species has a higher ventral count (161–174) and subcaudal count (161–179) as well as a proportionally longer tail than C. carinatus. 

Distribution is restricted to the Caribbean Coastal Range of northern Venezuela and Trinidad. All of the Trinidad specimens are from the Northern Range, and its foothills. Life History inhabits lowland areas, probably using forests and forest edge habitats, it is diurnal. Diet is mostly on frogs. Reproduction. Females reported with clutches of 2–4 eggs.

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