Thursday, June 30, 2016

Yellow-tailed Cribo, Drymarchon corais (Family Colubridae)

Coluber corais Boie 1827: 537
Spilotes corais — Duméril & Bibron 1854: 223 (?)
Geoptyas collaris Steindachner 1867: 271
Geoptyas flaviventris Steindachner 1867
Drymarchon corais corais - Stejneger 1899
Phrynonax angulifer Werner 1923
Drymarchon corais — Wallach et al. 2014: 244

Other Common Names: Clibo or cribo noir, Yellow-tailed cribo.Size. 3 m TL. Diagnosis. The only Trinidad and Tobago snake with 17 scale rows at mid-body; scales have apical pits (difficult to see without magnification) a grey-brown dorsum that lightens posteriorly (yellow tail), ventrals about 195, subcaudals about 78; scales on the crown outlined in dark pigment and the labial seams outlined with brown; venter yellow.  Distribution. A widespread species found from the southern United States southward through Mexico, Central America, and southward to Argentina. On Trinidad and Tobago is is associated with forests but uncommon. Life History. A diurnal, forest snake. Diet includes virtually any vertebrate that can be overpowered and many invertebrates. Reproduction: Females reportedly produce clutches of 9–12 eggs. 

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