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Ruschenberger's Treeboa, Corallus ruschenbergerii (Family Bodiae)

Xiphosoma ruschenbergerii Cope 1876: 129.
Xiphosoma ruschenbergii -  Boulenger 1893: 99
Corallus cookei var. ruschenbergi -  Boettger 1898: 10.
Boa ruschenbergii - Stejneger 1902: 184.
Boa salmonidia Briceño Rossi 1934: 1141.
Corallus ruschenbergerii - Henderson 1997: 212.

Size. 1.87 m SVL, 2.2 m TL. Description. Deep labial pits, nasal scales in contact, and internasal scales in contact behind the nasals will separate this snake from all other T&T snakes. Body laterally compressed; head wide, distinct from neck. Rostral slightly visible from above; loreal divided; supraoculars and postoculars divided into small scales; 8–13 supralabials, 12–15 infralabials; 252–268 ventrals; anal single; single subcaudals 100–112. Smooth, dorsal scales in 38–45 rows at midbody. Dorsum khaki-brown to yellow-brown. Males with larger anal spurs than females

Distribution. Costa Rica, to Colombia and northern Venezuela, the Isla de Margarita; and Trinidad, Tobago. Life History. An arboreal, nocturnal, forest and forest-edge boid that occasionally descends to the ground. Readily seen at night using a flashlight and searching the canopy, common in Caroni Swamp and many locations in the Northern Range. Diet includes birds, mice, squirrels, bats, mongoose, porcupine rats, and mouse opossum. Reproduction. Courtship and mating in February; 20–30 young born August.

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