Friday, April 1, 2016

Flashy Narrow-mouth Frog, Elachistocleis surinamensis (Family Microhylidae)

See comment under E. ovalis. This species ranges widely in northern Venezuela, east to northern Suriname, and it is also present on Trinidad (unknown from Tobago). It occurring up to at least 500 m asl, and all records are from close to sea level. It is terrestrial in tropical forest, including closed-canopy secondary forest, and possibly also coastal savannahs. In Trinidad 
animals occur in the forest leaf-litter; males may be found calling from small water-filled stump holes. It is not found in open country on Trinidad. but is associated with wooded areas at Aripo Savanna. Spawning takes place in temporary pools, the eggs float and are non-adhesive, and the larvae develop in the same water bodies. It has been suggested this species is possibly the same species as E. ovalis. It is possible that Relictivomer pearsei is a synonym of this species (and it was treated as such by Kenny (1969).  Like other members of the genus it is a leaf litter inhabitant that feeds on ants.

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