Friday, August 26, 2016

Oliver's Lora, Leptophis coeurleodorsus (Family Colubridae)

Size. 1.2 m. Diagnosis. A thin, bright green snake with a copper colored lateral stripe. Dorsal scales in 15 rows at mid-body, reduced to 13 rows near the vent. Scales on the mid back are slightly larger than lateral scales. It has a dark stripe that passes through the eye, and eight or nine upper labials. Distribution. Northern Venezuela, Isla Margarita, Trinidad, Tobago. Life History. An arboreal, forest, and forest-edge snake that will use agricultural and urban habitats. Diet is mostly frogs and lizards. Clutches of 3–5 eggs have been found in bromeliads high in in the forest canopy of related species. Other common names: parrot snake, green horse whip, machete, and whiplash.

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