Thursday, March 31, 2016

Spix's Green Frog, Lithobates palmipes (Family Ranidae)

Spix's Green Frog is poorly known from Trinidad. Males reach 126 mm, females 101 mm.

Spix's Green Frog is widely distributed in South America east of the Andes. It has been reported from Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela, the Guianas and Brazil. The species is also said to occurs in the northern Atlantic forest of Brazil. In Trinidad it has been reported from the Central Range and southeast corner of the island of Trinidad. It is unknown from Tobago. In elevation it ranges from near sea level to 1000 m asl. It is a nocturnal tropical rainforest species, living terrestrially in and around permanent water, including slow-flowing watercourses, rivers, and lakes and at the edges of ponds. It also occurs in flooded forest. Their eggs are deposited in the water at the beginning of the dry season, and the tadpoles develop in water. This is most likely a complex of species that needs to be studied in detail.

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