Sunday, April 3, 2016

Leaf Anole, Anolis planiceps (Family Dactyloidae)

Anolis planiceps Troschel 1848: 649

Anolis chrysolepis planiceps - Vanzolini & Williams 1970: 85

Anolis nitens nitens - Avila-Pires 1995

Type locality: Caracas, Venezuela. Holotype: ZMB 529.

Distribution. E Venezuela, Guyana, Brazil (Roraima, Amazonas), Trinidad.

The leaf anole, Anolis planiceps, occurs in Venezuela, Guyana, and Trinidad . Trinidad localities include Tucker Valley; Port of Spain, Maracas Valley, Nariva Swamp, Chacachacare and Huevos, Aripo savannas, Arena Forest; southwestern peninsula near Bonasse. St. Augustine; Mt. St. Benedict; La Seita; Toco; Morgua; Guayaguayare; Mayaro; Chacachacare Island; and Huevos Island. This lizard is found on tree trunks, on the ground, and sleeping on leaves at night. It is a forest and forest edge species and for now the only species of Anolis on Trinidad that is native to the island. All other species have been introduced.

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