Monday, June 23, 2014

Photos needed for the next Trinidad & Tobago Field Guide

We are making progress on the Trinidad and Tobago Field Guide and the goal to to have it ready for copy editing by the end of 2014. The extended dry season of 2014 has made it difficult to find animals and we still are looking for photos of  species we don't have represented. While it is improbable we will find live specimens of species known from a single specimen or just a few specimens we are looking for the best photography we can find. We are also looking for the best photography of Trinidad and Tobago specimens - that is we would rather have photos of specimens from the islands than from the mainland or other islands if at all possible.

So the following is a list of species we still need, or we need better photos than the ones we have. If you have photos that you are willing to let us use - send me (JCM) an email at:

Leptodactylus nesiotus, Pristimantis turpinorum, Mesoclemmys gibba, Anolis extremus, Anolis trinitatis, Anolis wattsi, Kentropyx striata, Drymarchon corais, Leptophis stimsoni,, Tantilla melanocephala Erythrolamprus cobella, Erythrolamprus ocellatus, Hydrops triangularis, Thamnodynastes ramonriveroi, Micrurus circinalis, Micrurus lemniscatus diutius, Lachesis muta. 

If you have great photos of other species we are interested. 

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