Family Aromobataidae
Mannophryne olmonae (Hardy)
Phylobates trinitatis―Mertens, 1970:4.
Phyllobates trinitatis trinitatis―Mertens, 1972:8.
Colostethus [sp.]―Hardy, 1971:1.
Colostethus cf. dunni―Hardy, 1982:73.
Colostethus olmonae Hardy, 1983a:47. Type locality: “…Bloody Bay, St. John’s Parrish, Tobago, West Indies.” Holotype: USNM 198505.
Mannophryne [olmonae]―LaMarca, 1992:32.
Mannophryne trinitatis (Garman)
Prostherapis herminae―Boettger, 1892:37.
Prostherapis trinitatis―Mole and Urich, 1894a:87.
Prostherapis trinitatis trinitatis―Rivero, 1961:159.
Colostethus trinitatus―Edwards, 1971:148.
Mannophryne [trinitatis]―LaMarca, 1992:32.
Mannophryne trinitatis — La Marca, 1994, Publ. Asoc. Amigos Doñana, 4: 52.
Family Bufonidae - True Toads
Rhinella beebei
(Gallardo, 1965)
Bufo granulosus Parker, 1933:4.
Bufo granulosus beebei Gallardo, 1965:114. Type locality: Churchill-Roosevelt Highway, Trinidad. B.W.I.  Holotype: AMNH 55774.
Bufo granulosus humboldti Gallardo, 1965, Bull. Mus. Comp. Zool., 134: 117. Holotype: MCZ 24882, by original designation. Type locality: "Gualanday, W. of Girardot, Dept. Tolima, Colombia".
Bufo beebei ― Rivero et al. 1986:2.
Chaunus beebei ― Frost et al. 2006:364.
Rhinella humboldti Narvaes and Rodrigues, 2009, Arq. Zool., 40:43.
Rhinella marina (Linnaeus)
Rana marina Linnaeus, 1758:211; Type locality: “Americas”, restricted to Suriname by Muller and Helmich (1936). Holotype presumably lost.
Bufo marinus ― Schneider, 1799:219.
Bufo strumosus ― Court, 1858:441.
Bufo agua­ ― Clark, 1916:13.
Bufo marinis [sic] ― Barbour, 1916b:22 (Tobago).
Bufo m. marinus ― Mertens, 1969:64.
Bufo marinus marinus ― Mertens, 1972:9.
Chaunus marinus ― Frost et al. 2006:364.
Rhinella marina ― Chaparro et al. 2007:211
Family Centrolenidae, Glass Frogs
Hyalinobatrachium orientale tobagense  (Rivero)
Centrolenella orientalis Rivero, 1968:308. Type locality: Cerro Turumiquire, 1200 m, Estado Sucre-Mongas, Venezuela. Holotype: MCZ 72497.
Centrolenella cf. orientalis ― Hardy, 1982:71.
Centrolenella orientalis tobagoensis Hardy, 1984d:165. Type locality: Roxbrough-Partatuvier Road in the vicinity of Bloody Bay, St. John Parish, Tobago. Holotype: USNM 195045.
Centrolenella orientalis ― LaMarca, 1992:21.
Hyalinobatrachium orientale ― Ruiz-Carranza and Lynch, 1991:24.
Hyalinobatrachium orientale tobagensis — Murphy, 1997:61
Hyalinobatrachium orientale tobagense — Frost, 2004,
Family Eleutherodactylidae-
Free-toed Frogs
Eleutherodactylus johnstonei Barbour
Eleutherodactylus johnstonei Barbour, 1914:249. Type locality: “St. George Parish, Grenada.” Syntypes: MCZ 2759.
Eleutherodactylus martinicensis ― Kenny, 1979b:27.
Family Hemiphractidae - Marsupial Frogs
Flectonotus fitzgeraldi (Parker)
Gastrotheca fitzgeraldi Parker, 1934:123. Type locality: “…3000 ft on Mt. Tucuche …Trinidad.” Holotype: BM 1947.2.22.41.
Nototheca fitzgeraldi―Bokermann, 1950:218.
Nototheca spec. inc. ―Mertens, 1972:8 (Tobago).
Flectonotus fitzgeraldi―Duellman, 1977:11.
Flectonotus cf. pygmaeus―Hardy, 1982:70 (Tobago).
Family Hylidae, Treefrogs
Dendropsophus microcephalus (Cope)
Hyla microcephala Cope, 1886:281. Syntypes: USNM 13473 (2 specimens), presumed lost.
Hyla microcephala Boulenger, 1898, Proc. Zool. Soc. London, 1898: 481.
Hyla misera Werner, 1903, Zool. Anz., 26: 252. Holotype: IRSNB 4549. Type locality: "Caracas, Venezuela". Synonym by Fouquette, 1968, Herpetologica, 24: 324.
Hyla misera ― Lutz, 1927:66.
Hyla microcephala misera Fouquette, 1968:324. Type locality: “…17 km NE of Acarigu, Portuguesa….” Venzuela.
Hyla miisera [sic] MacLean, et al. 1977:45
Dendropsophus microcephala ― Faivovich et al. 2005:92
Dendropsophus microcephala misera ― Faivovich, et al. 2005:92
Dendropsophus minusculus (Rivero)
Hyla minuscula Rivero, 1971:1. Type locality: Nirgua, Estado Yaracay, Venezuela. Holotype: UPRM 3377.
Dendropsophus minusculus — Faivovich, et al. 2005:92
Dendropsophus goughi (Boulenger)
Hyla minuta Peters, 1872:680. Type locality: Nova Friburgo, Rio de Janerio, Brazil. Syntypes: ZMB 7456.
Hyla goughi ― Boulenger, 1911:1082.
Dendropsophus minutus — Faivovich et al. 2005:92.
Hypsiboas boans (Linnaeus)
Rana boans Linnaeus, 1758:213. Type locality: “Americas.” Hyla boans ― Daudin, 1803:64.
Hyla maxima ― Werner, 1899:482.
Hypsiboas boans — Faivovich, et al. 2005:89.
Hypsiboas crepitans Weid-Neuwied
Hyla crepitans Wied-Neuwied, 1824. Syntypes: Plate 47, figure 1 in Wied-Neuwied and AMNH 785 may be a syntype.
Type locality: Tamboril, Jiboya and Areal da Conquista, Bahia, Brazil.?Hyla xerophyla ― DeVerteuil, 1858:446.
Hyla Lactea ― DeVerteuil, 1858:446.
Hypsiboas crepitans ― Faivovich, et al. 2005:89.
Hypsiboas geographicus (Spix)
Hyla geographica Spix, 1824b:39. Holotype not designated but probably include ZSM 35/0, a now lost specimen and the illustration that accompanied the description. Plate 11, figure 1. Type locality: Rio Tefe, Amazonas, Brazil.
Hyla appendiculata ― Werner, 1899:483.
Hyla spectrum ― Lutz, 1927:49.
Hyla punctatissma appendiculatus ― Parker, 1933:10.
Hyla geographica geographica ― Rivero, 1961:102.
Hyla hyla geographica [sic] MacLean et al. 1977:45.
Hypsiboas geographicus — Faivovich, Haddad, Garcia, Frost, Campbell, and Wheeler, 2005, Bull. Am. Mus. Nat. Hist., 294: 89.
Hypsiboas punctatus (Schneider)
Calamita punctata Schneider, 1799:120. Type locality: “America.” Not designated, but including animal figured on pl. 11, fig. 1 of the original publication; ZSM 35/0, now lost, according to Hoogmoed and Gruber, 1983, Spixiana, Suppl., 9: 370, and confirmed by Glaw and Franzen, 2006, Spixiana, 29: 167.
Hyla punctata ― Daudin, 1802:41.
Hyla punctata punctata ― Lutz, 1973:67.
Hypsiboas punctatus — Faivovich, et al. 2005:89.
Phytotriades auratus (Boulenger)
Amphodus auratus Boulenger, 1917:184. Type locality: "above 3000 feet on Mt. Tucuche, in a bromeliad," Trinidad.
Phyllodytes auratus  Bokermann, 1968:157.
Phytotriades auratus — Jowers, et al, 2009:186.
Phyllomedusa trinitatis Mertens
Hyla viridis: Court, 1858:441. Phyllomedusa burmeisteri: Mole and Urich, 1894a:90.
Phyllomedusa trinitatis Mertens, 1926: 145. Type locality: "Port of Spain, Island of Trinidad."
Phyllomedusa burmeisteri burmeisteri  Beebe, 1952: 174.
Phyllomedusa burmeisteri trinitatis  Rivero, 1961: 149.
Phyllomedusa trinitatus [sic] ― MacLean et al. 1977:45.
Pseudis paradoxa (Linnaeus)
Rana paradoxa Linnaeus, 1758, Syst. Nat., Ed. 10, 1: 212. Syntypes: Animals figured by Seba, 1734, Locuplet. Rer. Nat. Thesaur. Descript. Icon. Exp. Univ. Phys. Hist., 1: pl. 78, by original designation, and NHRM 144-148, according to Duellman, 1977, Das Tierreich, 95: 199. Type locality: "Surinami".
Pseudis merianea ― Court, 1858:441.
Pseudis paradoxus ― Parker,1933:10.
Pseudis paradoxus caribensis Gallardo, 1961: 116. Type locality:"Mayaro Bay, Trinidad, B.W.I."
Pseudis paradoxa caribensis ― La Marca, 1992:75.
Pseudis paradoxa caribensis Gallardo is now placed in the Hylidae following Faivovich et al. 2005. Formerly this frog was placed in the family Pseudidae.
Scarthyla vigilans (Solano)
Hyla vigilans (Solano, 1971)
Scarthyla vigilans -Barrio-Amorós, et al. 2006
Scinax ruber (Laurenti)
Hyla rubra Laurenti, 1768:35. Type locality: "America," a lectotype selected by Fouquett and Delahoussaye (1977) is from Suriname.
Hyla lineomaculata  Werner, 1899:483.
Ololygon rubra  Fouquett and Delahoussaye, 1977:387.
Ololygon rubra rubra  Harding, 1983:234.
Scinax rubra  Duellman and Wiens, 1992:1.
Scinax ruber — Köhler and Böhme, 1996, 23: 139.
Sphaenorhynchus lacteus (Daudin)
Hyla lactea Daudin, 1802:20. Type locality: "Brazil."
Hyla orophila ― Boos and Quesnel, 1968:32.
Sphaenorhynchus lacteal  Duellman and Lynch. 1981:238.
Sphaenorhynchus lacteus ― Duellman, In Frost 1985:175.
Trachycephalus typhonius (Linnaeus)
Rana typhonia (Linnaeus, 1758:211)
Hyla pardalis: Garman, 1887b: 16.
Hyla coriacea: Mole and Urich, 1894a:90.
Hyla venulosa: Roux, 1926:292.
Phrynohyas zonata: Duellman, 1956:35.
Phrynohyas vellulosa: Hemming, 1958: 172.
Hyla tibiatrix tibiatrix: Rivero, 1961: 128.
Trachycephalus typhonius - Lavilla, Langone, Padial, and de Sá, 2010:17–30
Family Leiuperidae
Engystomops pustulosus (Cope)
Paludicola pustulosa Cope, 1864: 180. Type locality: "New Grenada, on the River Truando," Colombia.
Eupemphix trinitatis ― Boulenger, 1889b:307.
Eupemphix puslulosus Boettger, 1892:40.
Bufo arriglaris ― Werner, 1899:482.
Eupemphix pustulosa ― Lutz, 1927:49.
Eupemphix pustulosus trinitatis: Parker, 1933:8.
Eupemphyx pustulosus ― Boos and Quesnel, 1968:39.
Physalaemus pustulosus ― Lynch, 1970:489.
Eupemphix pustulosus trinitatus [sic] MacLean, et at. 1977:45.
Physalaemus pustulosus trinitatis ― Harding, 1983:234.
Engystomops pustulosus
Family Leptodactylidae
Leptodactylus insularis Barbour
Leptodactylus insularis Barbour, 1906. Type locality: Panama
Leptodactylus pentadactylus pentadactylus ―Kenny, 1969:72.
Leptodactylus p. pentadactylus ― MacLean, et al., 1977:45.
Leptodactylus bolivianus - Murphy, 1997:84.

Leptodactylus insularis Heyer & dse Sa, 2011:38.
Leptodactylus fuscus 
Rana fusca Schneider, 1799:130. Type locality: None given.
Leptodactylus longirostris ― Garman, 1887b:14.
Leptodactylus typhormis [sic.]  Hart, 1890:25.
Leptodactylus typhonius  Mole and Urich. 1894a:89.
Leptodactylus sibilatrix  Lynn, 1959:115.
Leptodactylus fuscus ― Heyer, 1968:162.
Adenomera sp 
Cystignathus hylaedactylus Cope, 1868: 115. Type locality: "From the Napo or upper Maranon" River, Peru.
Adenomera hylaedactylus ― Heyer, 1974:42.
Adenomera hylaedactyla ― La Marca, 1992: 11.
Leptodactylus hylaedactylus ― Frost et al. 2006.
Leptodactylus knudseni Heyer
?Leptodactylus pentadactylus  Mole and Urich, 1894a:89.
Leptodactylus pentadactylus pentadactylus (in part) ― Rivero, 1961:36.
Leptodactylus knudseni Heyer, 1972:3. Type locality: Limoncocha, Napo, Ecuador.
?Leptodactylus cf. pentadactylus  Hardy, 1982:68.(Tobago).
Leptodactylus lineatus (Schneider)
Rana lineatus Schneider, 1799: 138. Type locality: Guiana.
Lithodytes lineatus ― Fitzinger, 1843:31.
Leptodactylus macrosternum Miranda-Rivero
Leptodactylus ocellatus macrosternum Miranda-Rivero, 1926:147. Type locality: Bahia, Brazil.
Leptodactylus macrosternum ― Gallardo, 1964:379.
Leptodactylus nesiotus Heyer
Leptodactylus nesiotus Heyer. 1994:91. Type locality: "Trinidad. St. Patrick; Icacos Peninsula. Icacos."
Leptodactylus validus Garman
Leptodactylus validus Garman 1887b: 14. Type locality: Kingston, St.Vincent.
Leptodactylus caliginous ― Mole and Urich, 1894a:89.
Leptodactylus petersi ― Parker, 1933:12.
Leptodactylus podicipinus petersi ― Rivero, 1961:48.
Leptodactylus wagneri ― Johnson, 1946:108.
Family Microhylidae
Elachistocleis ovalis (Schneider)
Rana ovalis Schneider, 1799: 131. Type locality: none given.
Engystoma ovale ― Boulenger 1882:163.
Elachistocleis ovalis ― Mertens, 1930:163.
Elachislocleis ovale ― Parker, 1933:12.
Elachistocleis surinamensis (Daudin)
Bufo surinamensis Daudin 1802:91. Type locality: "Surinam."
Elachistocleis surinamensis ― Kenny, 1969:66.
Relictovomer sp.― Harding, 1983:232.
Family Pipidae
Pipa pipa (Linnaeus)
Rana pipa Linnaeus, 1758:210. Type locality: Suriname.
Pipa americana ― Court, 1858:441.
Pipa pipa ― Barbour, 1923:3.
Family Ranidae
Lithobates palmipes (Spix)
Rana palmipes Spix. 1824a:5. Type locality: "Amazonenfluss." (= Amazon River. Brazil).
Lithobates palmipes
Family Craugastoridae
Pristimantis charlottevillensis (Kaiser at al.)
Eleutherodactylus terraebolivaris ― Hardy, 1982:68.
Eleutherodactylus charlottevillensis Kaiser, Dwyer, Feichtinger, and Schmidt 1996: 153. Type locality: 7 km Roxborough along the Roxborough-Bloody Bay road, St. John Parish, Tobago, West Indies.
Pristimantis charlottevillensis ― Heinicke et al. 2007, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 104:
Pristimantis turpinorum (Hardy)
Eleutherodactylus cf. rozei Hardy, 1982a:102.
Pristimantis turpinorum
Pristimantis urichi (Boettger)
Hylodes urichi Boettger, l894b:88. Type locality: "St. Annes, Trinidad."
Eleutherodactylus urichi ― Barbour, 1914:251.
EleutherodactyIus urichi urichi ― Schwartz, 1967:10 (Trinidad).
Eleutherodactylus u. urichi euphronides ―Schwartz, 1967: II (Tobago).
Pristimantis urichi
Family Caeciliidae
Typhlonectes sp.
Typhlonectes compressicauda natans ― Dunn, 1942:535.
Typhlonectes natans ― Cochran, 1961:15.